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“Shaya fashion” is an online shop based in Greece which includes fashionable and luxurious items such as fur coats, down jackets, accessories and more.

Shaya Fashion



Shaya is a luxury outerwear brand with great passion, meticulous research for valuable materials and constant attention to detail. Shaya was established in 1960 as a luxury brand that specialized in fur outerwear. Over its 60-year successful course in the fur market, Shaya has built an exceptional reputation regarding its impeccable quality and timeless elegance with sales in Europe and the USA.


Combining the teachings of the previous generations about the unique traits of fur craftsmanship with the contemporary methods of processing and manufacturing, Shaya has now mastered the art of padded luxury outerwear filled with sustainable feathers. All Shaya collections are designed and produced in our high-end facilities in Kastoria, Greece.





Keeping in mind the latest global trends, Shaya emphasizes on fine tailoring, perfect fitting and luxurious feel. Shaya collections include unique luxury outerwear for every occasion. All fabrics are exclusively created for jacket manufacturing and are imported from top notch Italian producers. Shaya’s R&D team thoroughly checks every material used in the making process and constantly improves production methods, while ensuring exclusivity of the delivered designs.


In order to achieve the distinctive style of every Shaya piece, each line of pattern is measured based on mathematical calculations concerning the area of each surface. Then, the area is filled with the finest sterile feathers creating a symmetrical and even result everywhere. Each Shaya creation has four layers of fabric - the outer side, the lining and right below both of them a unique coating made of special fabric, which holds the feathers together.


The fact that the distribution is managed directly by the brand’s headquarters guarantees that all collaborating points of sale can feature fully stocked and updated Shaya products at all times.





Sustainability is a top value in Shaya. Taking our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously, the feathers used in all Shaya items are bought solely from carefully selected stock breeders in Europe, who are able to guarantee and certify the quality and sustainability of the breeding products. The procurement of feathers is also based on the same supplying standards.


The fur featured as trimming on the Limited Shaya collections is natural, yet always maintaining the standards of sustainable fur products. Shaya collaborates with Saga Furs, the full-service auction house with the broadest selection of superior furs from strictly regulated European sources. Saga Furs leads the industry in sustainability with a supplier certification and auditing programme on the environment and animal health and welfare.


All Shaya suppliers prioritize the rules related to “Animal Respect”, including those living in their natural habitat.

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